Our first foal of 2010 was born on April 22nd.  He is a BIG palomino colt named Sherman.   His dam is A Lady By All Means and sire is El Hombre Solano
UPDATE:  At 12 weeks of age on 7/15/10 we had to put Sherman down.  After being lame for over 6 weeks we made our 2nd trip to the vet and this time they x-rayed his hip and found a lot of damage to the ball and socket joint due to some kind of trauma and the vet felt that he would not recover and I really hated seeing the little guy suffer so elected to end his suffering and put him down.
He was a special little guy and will definitely be missed.

2010 Foals
Our second and final foal of 2010 arrived April 29th.  This is Ellie, a red dun filly out of Skippas Copper Top and Hombre.  She is going to be sharp.   Pictured below at one day old.    SOLD
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The bottom 4 pics taken at about 12 weeks old.