2003  FOALS
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This is Doc.  He is a palomino colt out of my mare, Skippas Copper Top  and El Hombre Solano.   He is for sale.   Asking $2700  He will make a really nice roping/cowhorse prospect and should be nice enough to halter as a weanling/yearling.     SOLD  This colt unfortunately had to be put down due to severe foundering caused by PHF.  He was sorely missed by his owner Tammy Pauley.

  This is  A Genuine Jazz.  This colt is out of my mare, Classy With Command and El Hombre Solano.   He is for sale.   Asking $2300   He is enrolled in the Incentive Fund.
  Jazz might not have the palomino color but he more than makes up for it in disposition.  He is very friendly and easy to handle.  His dam has one of those rare dispositions that you seldom find.  We put my 80 yr old grandmother on her a few years ago.  He will make a really nice trail horse, teampenning or roping horse or a nice all-around.     SOLD

This is Smoothie.  She is out of  Lenas Smooth Jewel.  She is going to be a beautiful golden palomino like her daddy.    This filly is for sale.   Asking $2600  This filly with her pedigree should make a nice reining/cutting prospect and will be sure to catch people's eye.  SOLD!!
Payment plans can be set up for any of the foals.   A down payment and monthly payments over 6 months can be arranged.  Just email me for details.

Dam's pedigrees can be found linked from
My Mares page.
Top right and bottom left pic and taken at about 3 months.  Bottom right as a 3 yr old.
This is Samson.  He is out of our mare, A Lady By All Means and our stallion, El Hombre Solano.    He is for sale.  Asking $2700  He has a real 'Look At Me'  attitude.   Super nice, correct show prospect.   He has been enrolled in the Incentive Fund.  Samson was unfortunately put down in 2004 due to an injury from an accident.         SOLD
Let pic taken at about 5 weeks.
This pic was taken at not quite 3 months.

This pic taken at about 5 weeks.
Top pic taken at 15 months and bottom two as a 2 yr old.
This is 'Brandi', a pretty little chestnut filly.   She is out of Scarlets Misty Blue and my stallion,  El Hombre Solano.   She is also for sale.  Asking $2300.  What a gorgeous head!    SOLD
Top two pics taken May 01, 2003,  the day she was born.  Bottom left taken at 2 months.  
These two pics taken at about 6 weeks.
This is Honey.  She is a bonus as she was a nice surprise foal out of my mare Consolidated Kate that was ultrasounded NOT in foal last year.  Her sire is El Hombre Solano.   Honey is growing out super nice and is quite a looker.       SOLD
Pic taken at 2 days olds.
These three pics taken at  about 2 months
Left pic taken at 3 months and right pic taken at about 14 months.
Left pic taken at about 3 months and top right pic at about 4 months.   Pic to the right at about 15 months.  Bottom two taken at about 17 months.
This pic taken at about 15 months at his new home in AZ.
Below, Honey as a 2 yr old.
Above is Brandi, now called 'Dreamer' as a 3 yr old with her new owner Morgan Hamilton at their first teampenning. Morgan broke her out by herself and did a great job.

Left is them at a teampenning looking like they are having a good time.

Pics below of Morgan and Dreamer at their first show of 2009.   Hopefully by the end of the season they will be taking home lots of ribbons.

UPDATE:  See an album with several pics of Morgan winning 2009 Res. Hi-Point at the WV state fair HERE.